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Re: Medical debt relief act/ responsibility act
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2130sunshine wrote:

Does anyone have any information about the medical debt relief act, I was researching and it seems like it is no longer in effect and now there is a proposal for the medical debt responsibilty act that states something about paying off your debt and having it removed within 45 days.... 


Does anyone know where I can find more information about these two acts??? Also I read that if you pay a collection debt, that you last date of activity restarts the 7 year process, is that correct?

I don't have any information about the medical debt relief/responsiblity acts, but reporting of debts is covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act ( FCRA ).   Per the FCRA, collection accounts report for 7.5 years from the DOFD of the original account, which for medical debt is usually the date the medical procedure occurred.   Paying a collection cannot reset the credit reporting time period ( CRTP ).

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