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Confusing Collections Issue - NTL?
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It's a long read, I know, but please bear with me. I am working on cleaning up a collection for my DW and I am having a little trouble figuring out what to do next. The OC is an eye doctor and the amount that was unpaid was for an amount that insurance apparently did not cover. My wife moved a few times when the charge occurred and there was about a 4 month period when her mail just stopped coming all together so she did not receive a notice from the OC or the CA. We did not know this debt was due until she received a call in 2011.


Now for the confusing part; From talking to the OC I was able to gather that the OC originally used a CA called Transworld but shortly after the amount was placed for collections in 2008 the OC canceled their accounts with Transworld and began using a different CA, NCS Plus. In June of 2011 my wife receives a call from a law firm known as Joel Cardis claiming that she owes a debt from the eye doctor and since she recognized the doctors name she immediately paid them the full amount. Now, 4/2012, I pulled her CR and discover that not only is the collection still listed but there are two of them for different amounts both stating unpaid. The CA on the CR is NTL Credit systems which the OC says that do not recognize at all. I called the OC to verify that the amount had been paid and they said that it was still outstanding. At that point I called the Law Firm, Joel Cardis, was yelled at and hung up on a few times and then eventually was able to talk to a CSR that verified that we had paid and that the debt was for the eye doctor. The billing department at the OC was able to call the old CA and said that we are now paid and in good standing with the OC.


After all of that, I don’t know who NTL Credit Systems is, whether they are the current or previous CA or why the collection is listed twice with two different "placed for collection" dates and two different amounts. The OC was able to verify that they do not do business with NTL and that we are paid in full.


What should I do? DV NTL? I seem to have two different problems:

  1. 2 different collection reports for the same debt with different dates and different amounts.
  2. In Collection status for both of them even though the debt has been paid since last June.

What is the best way to have these removed?


To whoever actually takes the time to read this undeniably long post, THANK YOU!

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