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Has anyone tried paying over the phone for a PFD? (Esp Com Ed)

When I moved my roommate did not call and cancel the power. So now, I have a $38.00 collection from Com Ed on my report. I just called and they said they would take my payment and I asked them to remove it. She sounded a little rude and said I will do whatever on my end but it will still stay on your report. So I was wondering if anyone just had an address that I could write an actual PFD letter too because she wouln't even give me address. I'm thinking about just calling again tomorrow and seeing if I can get anyone a little more helpful.

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Re: Has anyone tried paying over the phone for a PFD? (Esp Com Ed)


the mailing address should be on your Credit Report... just look for it towards the end of the pages. I believe the TU reports show the address and tel. #s above the tradelines and it also shows the address of each item being reported at the bottom of the report. If you can't find it then try to contact the original creditor and pay them the debt instead.

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