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Re: What to do if no one is offering PFD or GW ?
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You joined the message board on 4/28 -- so it has been 2 weeks since joining. My guess is you are new to the journey know as credit rebuilding.


HSBC denied my goodwill attempt over 50 times before deletion.


Santander, I wrote over 20 letters and emails.


I have written over 300 letters at this stage, hundreds of emails, and spent hundreds of dollars in postage for 19 accounts. I have removed 16 of them with this effort.


Some of them denied PFD, so I paid in full and GWed them. A couple accounts have refused to work with me at all. It happens.


The keys are persistance, effort, creativity and thick skin. You will be denied all the time, just keep trying. It is WAYYYYYYY too early for you to expect results around the board, it often isn't an immediate thing.



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