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WFNNB deleted!

I'm in love with a woman at WFNNB :smileyhappy: I emailed 4 exec. names that I found online earlier this morning and I just got a call that they would be deleting the trade lines. Apparently they didn't have the info anymore. In my email I asked about one specific account, but when she called I asked about another and she said she'd delete that too. Should be off in 45 days!! Yippee!

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Re: WFNNB deleted!

Congrats! Would you mind PMing with the emails contacts you sent? I'm having no luck with the generic contact us on alliancedata website. Thanks so much and congrats again.

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Re: WFNNB deleted!
Could you PM me the info? I am having the hardest time getting them to delete a late payment
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Re: WFNNB deleted!

me too pleeeaaasee! thank you!

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Re: WFNNB deleted!

Congratulations! Would you mind PMing me the contacts you used?

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Re: WFNNB deleted!
Would you mind PMing me as well :smileyhappy: I sent a GW letter to them and if they don't answer or decline, I'll try your way lol

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Re: WFNNB deleted!

Can you send me the info also

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Re: WFNNB deleted!

That's great!! Can you PM me as well. Wish me luck! Thanks.

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Re: WFNNB deleted!
Pleeeeease PM me..!! Thanks do much!!
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Re: WFNNB deleted!

Congrats! I would love the info too. Please PM me. :smileyhappy: