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Re: GW First Premier Bank

amaurym wrote:

PM sent to everyone above this post, I'm not sure if I can post a link to another site here. Moderator its this ok.??


I seen jigsaw mention before here, what I did was sign in , look up the company and then click on the location tab to see mailing address linked to the company.


I saw many for First Premier, the one from the credit reports for me always gets a letter from you know who saying they cannot modified or remove accurated info.


You can pay for email address but that seems expensive so snail seems good.


Please post here if you had any luck with your letters/email to give us some hope dealing with this company.


Planet Feedback might be good too.

Many sites are fine to link to but if you ever have any doubts just send one of the mods a PM with the information you wish to post.