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Verizon Charge-off that is not mine- on my CR

I only have one collection on my CR, that is listed as "Paid, was a charge-off" from May 2010.  


When I signed up with a credit monitoring service, I noticed I had a credit inquiry from Verizon wireless; however, I have had a T-mobile phone since 2003.  I called Verizon and they did some research and then asked me if I knew a women named "Jane Doe."  Unfortunately, that woman would be my mother.  The CSR then told me the bill has never been paid and has been open for 3 months.  At that point that would be $1100.  I told them to close the account because it was not authorized by me.  They would not stating that it was under contract and that I would have to file fraud if I wanted it closed.  I wasnt sure if I should file fraud against my mother or not.  So I called her and she said because Verizon declined her (for obvious reasons)  so she opened it in my name.  


Furious isnt the word.  So I decided to "file fraud" as Verizon puts it  on the account.  However, before that I made 1 mistake, before filing I asked them to take small payments from her and to not let the account go into collections.  They obliged, however she did not pay.  So after that attempt, I filed fraud and they denied that claim stating that my permanent address is the same as her permament address and payments arrangements were made on the account.  I did not live there, I lived and still live,  in another city where I go to school.   I did try to make payment arrangements, because I did not want my mother to potentially go to jail behind a phone bill, but after she did not pay and after some research I went ahead with it.   In the end I just paid the debt myself.


Shortly after being denied a fraud claim I received a letter from Verizon stating:   "This letter is confirmation that amendments have been filed with all the major Credit Bureaus to report the above referenced account as deleted from your credit report.  Please allow 60 days for the credit reporting agencies to update your file.  In the meantine you may show this letter to any potential creditor as proof that an amendment is pending.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this matter."


This was dated 03/08/2010.  I was suprised and thought they had a change of heart.  60 days later it still was being reported.  So I called Verizon and they were rude in telling me that they were NOT going to delete anything and that letter being sent to me was a mistake.  Even though I have letter in hand the struggle with them has been futile.


I wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions of how I could get this off of my credit report.  I find it so strange that someone can send a letter such as this but the letter not be worth anything legally.  Please let me know if you have any ideas of what I could do.