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Re: Collection reporting positive history!?

Commercial credit reports all make decisions as to what to include and how to format the information.  They are not regulated as to format.


Your actual credit file is clearly divided into both a general segment, where your general and OC accounts information is stored, and a K-segment, where debt collector reporting is stored.


Commercial credit reports extract information and often format in such a way as to blur this distinction.  You have clearly seen that by the formatting of a collection under a credtior portion of their credit report.  A collection is not an account with the consumer, it is a reporting of collection activity to a CRA.

Debt collectors do not report monthly delinquencies under the collection.  You dont have an "account" with a debt collector.  Delinqueuncies referenced under a collection merely refer to the derogs on the OC account.

You have a commercial credit report that is displaying apples in the orange bin.