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Afni Delete

I have this account with TMobile for 380.00 I have been talking to them on the phone trying to make a settlement with them and they agreed to 50% but would not delete so I didn't pay for it but I received a letter in the mail on 05/21/2012 that stated that they were going to delete it from My credit so I sent the letter to all 3 credit companies to have it removed ASAP because I am trying to get a pre-approval on a home but today I got an email from Experian that the investagation was completed and that it was updated which means -a change was made to this item review this report to see the change.  If ownership of this item was dispute, then it was verified as belonging to you..... What does this mean??? Did I miss up by sending that should I have just waited to see if it was deleted. What should I do now???? Please Help me someone I really need this tooken care of.