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Re: Late Payments on Auto Loan, Should I ask for them to remove it from credit report?

AprilShowers4 wrote:

Hello Everyone! Back in 2010, I lost my job and as a result, I was late on my auto loan with capital one auto fiance for 3 months straight. It shows on my credit report of course. I was considering doing a "good will" letter. I have been on time with my payments since December of 2010. On top of losing my job in 2010, my grandmother passed as well, August of that year. It was a hard year for me. My auto loan apr is like 25% so I am paying 26k for a 13k car. My car will be paid off next year, I was young when I got it and did not have any guidance. Please advise! Thanks Smiley Happy

You should most certainly try to goodwill your finance company. I just goodwilled Toyota Financial Services this morning for 3 - 30 day lates during 2011. The rep slip that they do have a policy where they can assist the customer to my surprise so it may be worth you looking into. After all, you have nothing to lose only points to gain if they remove the lates via goodwill! Good Luck.

As far as my credit goes, I am a work in progress...