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Sallie Mae SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I contacted Sallie Mae's Office of the Consumer Advocate about 45 days ago and as of today's phone call they told me the 90 day late will be removed when reporting occurs at the end of the month! That's a "KEY DEROGATORY" on my account and showing with all three bureaus within the last year so I'm hoping to see a decent improvement in scores across the board. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has put the information out there and want to say that the people at the Advocate's office are very good at what they do!


Any idea on what this may do to my scores?!?!?

Starting Score: March 29, 2012 EX: 592, EQ: 549; TU: 557 - LENDER PULL
Current Score: June 2 2012 TU08 (walmart) 689, EX: ?, EQ: 649 (SW) TU: 679 (SW)
Goal Score: 720

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