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Re: Capital One Card

damage was done

let it fall

if you pay it off

it's a negative for another 7 years

now if they want to report you as GOOD ALWAYS PAY IN FULL for paying it off

nice to have a 7 year old positive

but for 7 years you had a negative

now it's gonna drop

if you acknowledge the debt or pay it off

you can get stuck 7 more years with it

so if they want 5% PIF with a CLEAN PAYMENT HISTORY for 7 years

pay it off

but it's not likely they will do that

end of year its like its never been there

sure you might get some dunning calls

but you send out certified letters to the dunners that you have no debt with them and any further contact will resut in legal action

the bank took their credit write off with the irs

the bank sold the note for almost nothing

few months it's gone from bureaus unless you claim the debt or pay on it

SO DO NOT PAY OFF unless you have a contract they report it as always good

since the original debtor sold it, they can't offer that, unless the original bank kept the debt which they never do usually


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