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Re: 7 year removal

RobertEG wrote:

The ONLY time DOFD is relevant is with respect to a collection or charge-off.  It has zero relevance to monthly delinquencies, or any other adverse item of information.


Charge-offs and collections have a CR exlusion date of 7 years plus 180 days from the DOFD, defined as the first date of delinquency in the most recent chain of delinquency that preceded the collection or charge-off.


Monthly deliquencies each have their own exclusion date of 7 years after the date of their delinquency.


Tax liens are excluded after 7 years from date of payment.  They are the one type of adverse action where the date of occurence does not control, but rather the date of payment of the debt.


FCRA 605(a).

This is why RobertEG makes the big MyFico bucks! Thanks for the correction.



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