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Re: FINALLY - got first CC in mail and I splurged!!

I always just max out a new card, go 90% to 95% of CL, but then a few days later it's paid off.

I prefer the new cards to show zero balances with a MAX used almost the full line, the ability to borrow and pay back is IMO way more important than not using CL's.

You max and pay it off for something you were going to buy, you get bonus points if its a good card and in a short time you can double and or quadruple the CL by having maxed it and paid it off.

I know the pack says don't use or use very little, I say, max it and up the CL in a short time and when you apply 6 or 8 months down the road for a new card they see your low CL card is now a high CL card and you have had high balances that were PAID OFF, use if the key to credit, how to build it fast and how to get huge lines at low rates.


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