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Can I do a DV on a CA that I've paid $50 toward? PLEASE PLEASE HELP.

Had a medical collection added to my credit report the DAY I APPLIED FOR A MORTGAGE - which left me 14 points shy of the 640 requirement on my middle score with EX. The collection company is PARAGON REVENUE GROUP and it's for a bill that has NEVER BEEN SENT TO ME. The OC, a hospital, turned me in once before and it was removed because they had the wrong address. Well I corrected the address and confirmed they had the insurance information (we have two medical insurances, so I know I don't owe $280 on this bill) and March and never heard anything until Sunday when it showed up on my EQ report dropping it from 626 to 549 and no telling what it dropped my EX to but it was 626 with the lender pull and it had no major derogs at all and today it hit TU and not sure what the drop will be but my FAKO dropped 40 points but TU with a lender pull yesterday had it at 690 - but it hit TU today. I know I'm rambling but need to vent a little because I'm so exhausted.


Anyway back to PARAGON REVENUE GROUP - I got the letter saying that they had my account in collections, I called and arranged to make a $50 payment because a lady there told me that they would not report if I made a payment and that it shouldn't report to the CRA's since it is still pending insurance reimbursement BUT it did.


I spoke with the hospital yesterday who does not understand why it's in collections but can't really do anything on their end about getting it removed because it's "just how our system works."


I don't know what direction to take and need help immediately. Please advise. I'm in contract on a house and I know that this collection account will prevent it because my scores aren't where they should be. I'm frustrated and upset and have never had thoughts of opening up a can of intellectual whoop-a$$ like I do right now - moderator please edit if that's against the rules! :smileyhappy: :smileyhappy: :smileyhappy:




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