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Re: Can I do a DV on a CA that I've paid $50 toward? PLEASE PLEASE HELP.
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In my opinion, your issue is with the OC, not the debt collector.  The debt collector received a collection referral from the OC, who by placing it for collection was asserting it as a legitimate debt.

The ultimate basis for deletion of the collection would be that their was no legitimate debt at the time of their referral, and thus the collection is improper as a matter of fact.

However, that will take some time to address.  You should prevail in the end, but that does not address your short-term need.


I would at least get a statement from the OC that the collection referral was improper.  If they dont understand how it is in collection, get them to state as much.

Hopefully, your lendor will then remove the collection from their decision making.


A DV to the debt collector will ask that they obtain verification from the OC, but it wont be timely at this point, and even if it were, they would not have to respond.

Yes, you can, and i recommend that you do send a DV, but it is not going to compel any immediate resolution.