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Re: Northern Resolution Group LLC - Fax Number

Hello everyone just wanted to let you know who and what Northern Resolution Group is. They are a collection agency that does not post their number however Resolution Performance Group (RPG) is one of "their partners" (or so that is what the woman I talked to said) and their number is 8772159182. Their address is 636 N French Rd Suite 7 Amherst, NY 14228. I also like many of you have something on my credit report stating that I still owe monies. However I have paid them off and have the letter of proof stating in their own words "Pending clearance of funds, this letter will serve as a receipt for your payment and is evidence that final settlement on this account had been paid with no further monies being due or owing" but some how Northern Resolution is still stating that I owe them money. From my experience the only thing we can do is dispute this with the credit reporting agency and if you have the letter of proof it helps a lot. I hope this helps you!!