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Re: LVNV Funding

if you want THE definitive date used by the CRA to determine CR exclusion, you need the reported DOFD that is of record in your credit file.

That is the date the CRA must use, not any later DOLA.

Creditors and debt collectors are required under FCRA 623(a)(5) to report the DOFD whenever they report any information pertaining to an account charged-off or placed for collection.

If your commercial credit report does not provide the specific DOFD, you can send a request to the CRA under FCRA 609(a)(1) and get the reported date in your file.  It is coded as the "FCRA Compliance/Date of First Delinquency."

You can then compare it with your account records to determine if it is accurate.

Before launching complaints and disputes, you may wish to obtain the date reported to your file before alleging improper reaging.