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Re: Wait it out or what?

relentless602 wrote:

Yeah that seems like the way to go. If they don't respond to the dispute it would come off, but my only concern is that the information is accurate because I paid it years ago. Doesn't that mean that TU can't do anything about it? I mean, the thing comes off in December according to TU, but the sooner the better I can get this off of my record. 

I'd ask that someone with more knowledge than me chime in on this, but, I believe it boils down to your ethics. 


If the information is correct, then it should be on your report. If you wanted it removed as a measure of goodwill, then normally you would GW the CA, but in your case, the CA no longer exists, so you are unable to do that. Disputing the CRA would theoretically work, since they can't verify...but that could be unethical depending on how you look at it, since your only disputing on the basis of getting it removed since you KNOW they can't verify...You're not actually disputing becuase the information is incorrect.


Has anyone ever GW a CRA? Maybe that might be the solution, but I would still wait for someone that has more insight into this than me before taking any action.

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