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Re: Wait it out or what?

I'm not so sure but I think so. I mean I have low revolving available that may my only other "negative" as I mention what i'm doing in my original post. No late payments ever. 72 month car loan paid off in 2006. Several installment loans all paid on time and paid off throughout my credit history. I will have my revolving paid off around December and was hoping to get my TU score up, because this is the only blemish in terms of collections or anything else. I do have an old Citi account with 2,800 on it that was closed at my request in 2007, still paid on time every month. Obviously, I now know closing the account was a mistake but at that time, I was not aware and angry with Citi's service. I am taking care of that one in August. It messed my utilization rate up for sure but I'm not sure that's a blemish, is it? 

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