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Re: Wait it out or what?
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Rhaeny wrote:

relentless602 wrote:

Hi Robert, 


No. The information is accurate and was paid long ago in 2007. It is scheduled to come off completely in Dec. and it is only on my TU bureau (hence why my score is lower there). I waa trying to see if there is anything I can do to get it off earlier, because I am paying off all of my revolving and this is my only other blemish to worry about. The agency that placed the collection no longer exists as far as I know and I was just wondering what to do with this situation. But yes, the infomation is accurate in terms of the biil and payment of the collection. 

Couldn't hurt to dispute with TU that this tl is obsolete or something along those lines if you don't want to try the GW.  No harm in asking.

Is it obsolete? OP said it is scheduled to come off in December. Second kind reminder that advocating or suggesting the disputing of accurate info isn't allowed on here.