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Re: Lexington Law - Results so far...

Just curious: Are these paid items (Charge offs, collections, etc) that are reporting correctly/incorrectly? I guess it just sounds too good to be true for me. I've been doing a lot of my own cleanup work, but I have about 6 major derogs ALL paid that I know are holding my score down right now.  

2014 Starting-618, current TU621 (TU 10/20) / Ending Goal score: 720 / 30 Positive TLs / 1 Negative: Unpaid $312 med CA placed 2010 / reported Install Bal/Lim: 25027/36512 | reported Revolving Bal/Lim: 11169/27232=41%util

**IN the garden until I get some auto CLI's on major accts**