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Re: GW group!
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mx6bfast wrote:
I have been turned down twice from BOA for GW letters. Both stating there wasn't a bank error and they can't remove the baddies.

When I write back to them, should I refer to a previous response I've received from them? Maybe something along the lines of I know there wasn't a bank error but could you please consider....? I'm thinking about adding in a blurb about how I am committed to paying off all debts in the next 2 years.

Just keep it simple. Don't point out that you sent letters to them in the past. Don't mention "bank error" as it would be a clue to their prev. replies.
Creditors don't always accept GWs. Of the nearly 100 GWs I have sent since last fall between 5-6 accts, I only had 1 confirmed success. I'll send hundreds more until fixed. Try sending several each month to each creditor (BofA). They have more than one address.

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