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Removing satisfied tax liens from credit reports

I have three tax liens from around the same time frame. All were paid quickly after they were filed. The leins are from two states and one from the IRS. One in on courthouse, two in another.


What are the options for having these removed from my report? From searching these forums, I see the following ideas:

* File motion to vacate in the courthouse, if vacated forward ruling to CRAs.

* Dispute and/or sue based on FCRA violaions since a 3rd party collected the info from the courthouses then sold it to the CRAs without first notifying me that they were going to do that.

* Send GW letters to each tax authority and ask them to remove the info from the credit report.

* Contact the court clerks asking them to provide a letter that can be given to the CRAs.


Which idea(s) are best? Which can actually work? What is the best strategy to handle these?