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Re: Removing satisfied tax liens from credit reports

iwant700fico wrote:

IRS has a new policy that will remove satisfied tax liens from your credit. On February 24th, 2011 the IRS announced new policies regarding the collection of unpaid taxes and liens. Specifically, if the tax payer pays their liens “in full” the IRS will “withdraw” them.

hope this helps

Thanks. I called the IRS and they referred me to the "Fresh Start Program"


For others interested, to remove an IRS lien that has been paid, you do the following:

1) fill out IRS form 12277. In box 11 select the last option "best interest of taxpayer and government". In box 12, type "Fresh Start Program" (search for form 12277)

2) Fax form to phone number for your area as listed in publication 4235. (search for pub 4235)

3) Wait 30-45 days

4) The IRS will file a withdrawal with the court house where the lean was filed and will mail you a copy

5) provide your copy of the withdrawal to the three CRAs to expedite removal 


Calling the state tax departments did no good (for my two states). They simply offered to provide proof that the tax liability has been paid. They will not help remove it completely.