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EOS CCA Contact Information Please

May I ask for assistance with the correct contact information for the subject collection agency.


The details of my issue are as follows:


Creditor: Verizon Wireless

Year: 2002ish

Last Payment: Nov or Dec 2006

Original Debt: $497.00


Verizon Wireless sold this debt to EOS CCA in my reports are showing a collection now from EOS CCA for the total amount of $790.


I called Verizon today and they pulled up my archived account, but I was informed there was nothing they could do since they dont' own this account anymore. Verizon shows me cleared, and they deleted their information from my report, and actually told me I can pursue another cell phone account with them at any time.


They provided me with EOS's phone number and the representative that I spoke with said they would remove the item from my report, only if I show that the debt has been repaid, either to the original creditor, or to EOS directly. I was hoping to just have it deleted since the original debt passed the statute of limitations in California.


Does anyone have any insight? Please?


Thanks so much,