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Re: another Sallie Mae success!!

WOW!!! Congratulations! I've gone back and forth with them about 90 day lates that showed up while on in school deferment, go figure.  Can you please PM me the contact information you used to 'Git erDone?  Thanks!

jeffg330 wrote:

After 3 months of back and forth with Sallie Mae I finally received a call from the Sallie Mae consumer advocate office Friday ( thats right, they actually called me!) informing me that the late payments listed below will be removed in 24-48 hours on three different accounts!


Anybody have any idea how much of a boost I might see in my cretit score? These are my only baddies since a CH 7 BK four years ago


May 2011      June 2011     July 2011    Aug 2011   Sept 2011

    30                               60                          90                  120                     120


scores as of May 2012: EX 619  EQ 611  TU 702