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Re: Capital One Increase
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I got my increase on Wednesday for 100 Unsecured as well. I have had the card for 6 months to the day of the increase. I never asked for one, I never got a letter. I did get a call on thursday for them to notify me it is there and to congratulate me on my continued responsibility of the card and for keeping the card in very good standing..

Now last month while I was playing with the FICO scoring trying to figure out the formula *Yeah ok*, I did not pay it in full. Right before the statement cut I did pay it in full this month and have -1.47 sitting there so it reported 0.00 yesterday to my CRA and my DH.


I have only give 50 in secured deposits after my initial 49.00.


I will agree usage is the deal breaker for them.


my DH is an AU and he uses the card more than I do. In the am for coffee, bagel soda, cigs. whatever.


I pay it when it post plus I always pay the extra 10% over since I know he will use it Monday , Wednesday, Friday.


We have charged meals on there for like 20.00 or a 32.00 grocery bill the other day but I always pay after the items come out of pending status.



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