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Re: Capital One Increase
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Thanks for the reply:

If I am understanding correctly KEEP the $200 CL secured CC with Cap1 and continue to put $100 a month towards my CL on my other Cap1 card ($600 CL currently) 

I also have a CD (Credit Builder) that has a payment of $88, so put an additional $88 a month in savings for a Rainy day! $50 in a regular savings account also. 

Never max out these cards, only use 19% of the CL a month and pay  off in full every month..(before the cycle date) only use 3 Inquirys a year..


I must admit I max these cards out every month but I pay before the cycle date, does that caught up with you? 

I think that wraps up most what I THINK I gathered, I hope..let me know 

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