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Re: Capital One Increase


I just know that Cap1 and other banks have tightened their belts.  When I had 750 credit score, they tightened their belt and wouldn't even let me re-finance my house even though at the time i had perfect credit, stable employment, and my ratios were in line.  sadly we have a choice.  play their game OR not play their game and pay cash for everything.  Be like Dave Ramsey and have a 0 credit score with millions in the bank.  of course, people forget, he made his millions BEFORE the market crash NOT after the market crash.  


to change the tables, deposit $5,000 in a CD showing them you can save and then pay it off 3 times a month showing them you can handle the line of credit OR just use them for one tank of gas a month and use your other cards ... the $7500 limit card.  


for myself, i just have one major credit card.  keep it simple.