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Re: will paying off a charge off improve score?
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My understanding is: the CO is a major derogatory and is weighted the same by FICO whether it is PIF or not.  However, a settlement is viewed as a negative - still, no diff in FICO scoring.   I also understand that FICO basically uses the "CO" for scoring and does not refer to Bal/PIF/Settlement -- a more experienced could verify, please.  Where it really comes into play is when a creditor manually reviews; the settlement would be more negative than a PIF.  It would be weighted as: CO: PIF, CO: with bal, CO: settlement with settlement being the worse.


I would suggest paying in full or if you can do it, a PFD.  If the PFD is not accepted I would PIF (whether via payments or lump sum) the GW then heck out of it for a removal of the CO and/or Tradeline.

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