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Re: Dunning Letter
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Their is NO basis for sending a request/dispute to the CRA for deletion based on lack of response to a DV request.  It is a debt collection practices matter between the consumer and the debt collector, to which the CRAs are not a party. 


A DV request sets no time period on the debt collector for response.  If the DV was timely, it invokes a cease collection bar upon them until such time as they choose to respond.  If they continue debt collection activities without first providing debt verification, your recourse is to file a complaint with the FTC, your local BBB, state AG, etc., or file your own civil action. 


If they continue to comply with the cease collection bar, you wait.  It is within their rights to trade any continance of collection on the debt for non-response to a DV request.

It creates a state of limbo......