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Re: Dunning Letter

Thanks Annielorie.....My thoughts to a CA can put you out there in the water with no paddle.  If the consumer is required to follow certain process why shouldn't all parties have to comply to a degree.  


The reason I brought this topic up is the account is listed as CACH LLC on my credit report, but was turned over to Pezzuto Law Firm.  I got a dunning notice from them that they wanted to try to work things out on the account.....I have an issue with the account.  It was poor choice on my part taking the payday loan.....Doing a bit of research I found that payday loans are illegal in Pennsylvania, and even when I read about permissible interest and such, they are way off.  This is my reasoning for requesting the debt validation.  I want them to outline what the original loan amount was.  By Pennsylvania law they can only charge 6% interest which is allowable in the state.  Again I run into conflict, knowing the loan is illegal, and me being dumb, but the OC also breaking law providing the loan, but at the same time won't pay $1600.00 on a $400.00 loan when state law states their interests and fees are illegal!!!!!

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