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Re: College Student Overwhelmed By Road To Improving Credit

Start goodwilling those settled accounts.  pay everything from here on in on time.  Get a pocket calender and mark all the boxes for the next year when a payment is due. Then when you make payment put an X through the box.  A little caveman but it works for me and I have a clear mind.The student loans are there multiple fees for being late or are they still in deferrement??  Also try to get on parents or relative or goodfriend's credit card as an AU they must have a clean history no baddies associated with the account and the older the CC is the more it will improve your AAOA. Also google student loans or ask community if they know of any programs that reduce interest. What are the interest rates? If they are high maybe if we get your score up you could refi with better terms. Also join a credit union.  What state are you in?

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