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Re: College Student Overwhelmed By Road To Improving Credit

Thank you for the reply annielorie!


What does goodwilling my settled accounts entail doing?  


The student loans are still in deferrment, as I'm still going to school full-time and have about a year and a half left until graduation.  I want to say the interest on the federal student loans is around 6-7% and the private student loans around 9%, but I am not 100% certain.  I'm considering paying a small amount to the private student loans now, since those along with my auto loan are probably my most expensive debts.  Ideally, I would definitely like to pay off my car ASAP, as I still need to pay off about $1,500 of the principle balance until I'm at the point where the cars value is equal to or more than what I owe on it.


I'm pretty much on my own when it comes to anything related to finances, as my parents are uncomfortable putting my name on anything due to my credit history thus far.  So, anything I do will have to be done on my own!


I'm located in Virginia.


Thanks again,