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Re: AFNI is Making Me Nutty

I tried doing a PFD a few times and just kept getting the same response, "we don't accept payment for deletion." I ended up paying the OC and AFNI updated to PIF $0 balance. So, I tried to GW after that. I sent GW letters every week and faxes to every possible address and email, and fax I could get. I tried calling too, but that was unsuccessful.  Each time I would word it differently, but staying pleasant and to the point  (I figured I am asking for a favor, so I should not get too demanding).


Yesterday, I tried wording my GW letter a bit differently. Basically I said something along the lines of, "I am hoping to get this tradeline deleted. I realize that you do not accept payment for deletion. I never received my final bill or a dunning notice because I have not lived at the address for 2 years. As soon as I found out about this final bill, I paid the debt immediately. I am in the middle of trying to purchase a home and this negative mark is keeping me from getting my home loan. I really appreciate your help getting this matter corrected." 


I also cc:ed two big cheeses at AFNI with all my emails. I don't know if that helped or hurt the situation, but in 10 minutes I has a deletion letter in my hands!