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How To Remove Midland Credit Management (easy!)


So, as I browse these boards I notice that A LOT of people have trouble with Midland Credit Management... I have successfully removed them from all 3 bureaus very easily... I have written the same letter to all 3 bureaus and all 3 have promptly removed midland... including TransUnion which can be a pain to work with on removing Collections...




To Whom It May Concern,



Thank you for taking the time to review my file and to help me with this matter of dealing with Midland Credit Management. To date, Midland has a poor track record in regards to its collection tactics which have resulted in fines from the United States Government and from individual states as well. As of this year Midland has had to pay close to one million dollars in fines and penalties due to their unlawful business procedures which violate the consumer’s rights. Their illegal actions have caused thousands upon thousands of consumer’s credit files to be tainted with negative remarks which includes myself. Please remove Midland Credit Management from my file so that I can restore my credit and good name back to where it once was. I thank you one again for your time and I look forward to having Midland Credit Management removed from my credit file.




Consumer Name



Thats the letter i sent out to all 3 bureaus and all 3 promptly removed the collection from my file... Its a simple and easy solution to a company who has caused a lot of damage for a lot of consumers credit files. All you need to do is state the FACTS because thats all the bureaus care about.. Give them the facts about midland and they will give you a clean report.

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