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Re: How To Remove Midland Credit Management (easy!)

Tommy5746 wrote:

snsforever916 wrote:

Hmm...I've tried to BBB Midland and they have continued to fight it. How fast was the turn around? Did any of the bureaus contact you? Has Midland contacted you or put it back on your credit report? It's kinda odd that the CRA would remove their reportings from a letter from the consumer. Call me skeptical!

The turn around was about 2 weeks for Transunion.. 3 weeks for Experian and 3 weeks for Equifax... They have all remained off of my Credit Report.. None of the Bureaus contacted me other than to tell me that Midland was deleted from my report.  Remember i sent that letter to the Bureaus.. TransUnion, Equifax and Experian.. NOT to Midland.. The Bureaus can remove anything they see fit to given enough evidence it should be deleted.

Also, I should note that i sent my letter in with a copy of that particular bureaus dispute report. I filled out the dispute report and printed it out and attached my letter.

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