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they just keep comming off....... Finally
Hello everyone,

So my story is that back in 05' (I was young and dumb) I ran up debt on a total of 7 CC and in. November I lost my job and defaulted on all 7 of them. So fast forward to today, I have been working hard the last two and a half years to repair my credit. Finally bought a house and haven't been late in anything in over 4 years.

Everything was scheduled to be deleted for my repost mostly in November but I guess I'm somewhat lucky, almost all of the CO's and CA's (13 or so combided on each report) have all fallen off. Only 2 remain on TU, 1 on experian, and 1 on equifax.

Thanks everyone for all the help!!! Can't wait to apply for my wish list of CCs, BCP, Freedom, and US Bank Cash+.
Fico Scores: TU 734 (08/12/2012) and EQ 716 (12/08/2012)

AMEX BCP $10,000 (opened 09/2012) - Citi TYP $6500 (opened 12/2012) Chase Freedom $1500 (opened 09/2012)

GMAC Mortgage $181,000 (opened 07/2011) - Car Loan $18,000 (opended 01/2011)