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Re: GW letter Q&A, Examples, and GW Success Stories
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These are just a few of hundreds of GW success stories out there. There are too many to post, but here's a select few success stories. Notice that many of these posters requested just a late or two to be removed and were successful. Some asked for 30 to 120-day lates to be removed and were successful. Some asked that the CO-reference be removed and were successful. Some asked for the entire tradeline to be deleted and were successful. The GW success stories covered credit cards, installment loans, mortgages, student loans, and collection agencies. Some of these were seemingly impossible for creditors like Bank of America, Chase, AmeriCredit, Target, Capital One, First Premier, and CAs like Arrow Financial, AFNI, NCO, and many more. 


Below are some GW success mentions found within these forums:


Called-in GW resulted in success with lates being removed for American Honda Finance, Chevron, and GEMB/Dilliards.

Persistent GWs letters resulted in lates being removed from Macys and Bloomingdales.

GWs resulted in 30-days lates being removed from Citi/Shell.

Capital One removed a 30-day late due to a GW.

GEMB/Dilliards success

Citimortgage removed a 30-day late

GW success with Everhome Mortgage and Chrysler Financial

GW win for Citi/Children's Place - 2 lates, GEMB/WalMart - 2 lates, Orchard removed lates, Macys - 2 lates, & Citi/Shell zapped a CO.

Credit One removed a 30 day late.

Three paid CAs removed with help from GWs.

CapOne success all around. They removed a 120-day late, a 90-day late, and updated a 30-day TL between 2 posters via phone.

Success with Direct Loans and CapOne. SL removed 6 lates up to 120 days and CapOne removed two 30s.

GAP deleted a TL. 

Target deletes 4 lates.

AmeriCredit and HSBC partial success with a GW. Americredit deleted 2 lates off EQ and HSBC deleted a late off TU.

Big time success with GAP, Discover, and FIA CSNA.

Partial success with Citi/Sears 

GW success with GEMB/Lowes

First National Bank of Omaha deleted due to a GW

More Discover GW Success

Phoned GW success for an unnamed GEMB store account.

Bank of America removed a 30-day late thanks to a GW.

E-mailed GW to Macys results in a 30-day late being deleted AND a refund of the late fee.

ACS Student Loans deletes several lates, including a 120-day.

RJM Acquisitions deletes after receiving a GW.

Chase GW success after using Planetfeedback.

GW win against Midland Credit Corporation (MizzB)

Wells Fargo Financial (WFF) deletes a 30-day after a GW.

Asset Acceptance and CMI both accepted GWs.

Portfolio Recovery Associates agreed to delete after a GW.

Wachovia deletes after a GW.

Diversified Adjustment Services deleted after a GW.

Arrow Financial deleted thanks to a GW.

Another Portfolio Recovery Associates GW success

NelNet SL agreed to delete after a GW.

Capital One CO deleted with the help of a Goodwill Letter.

Two HSBC charge-offs removed

AFNI deletes after a GW

Bank of America CO deleted

GW e-mail success for MOHELA (Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority)

GW deletion with ER Solutions, R&R Recovery, AFNI, and Arrow Financial.

NCO deleteion after a GW

Lexus Financial removes a 30 day late.

First Premier lates removed after a GW.

GW success for CACH, LLC (aka Square Two Financial).

Credit Control Corporation deletes after a GW.

Verizon Wireless paid CO deleted .

GW success for GEMB/Paypal 

Santander removed lates after a GW.

United Collection Bureau deleted after a GW.

Collection Company of America GW success

Palisaides Collections disappears after a GW

GW deletion for IC Systems

Another Verizon Wireless GW success using Planetfeedback.

Kohls GW success via e-mail

PG&E utility GW success

Wells Fargo CC goodwill success in removing a 30-day late.

Citi removed a 30 & 60 day late

Nordstrom removed a 30 day late (2016)



..........and hundreds of others!


Never ever give up.