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ICSystems thanks to my dermatologist

Kind of a long story so I'll try to keep it basic.


Was seeing a dermatologist for a few months. While seeing him, a spot on my skin progressively got worse, so I was going every 3 weeks(from July through January). He was reporting to his medical billing dept. a code that wasn't covered by my insurance - so every visit it would bounce back - I would call in and ask about it and she would say "don't worry about it", she would then bill it in differently, and it would go through as covered.


The last time I went to see him, he billed it the same way again, and when I received notice from the dr. office that I had an outstanding balance, I called up per usual, and this time she refused to correct it. I told her they were using the wrong diagnosis code - had spoken to my insurance company, explained the situation and they are investigating and she basically said "sorry, the dr. said it was the correct diagnosis" and refused to hear anything else I had to say. Needless to say, but worth mentioning, started seeing a new dr. and the issue cleared up after 2 weeks. Turns out the other dr. had no idea what he was doing.


In the meantime, the girl in the billing dept apparantly didn't want to deal with me anymore and sent my bill off to collections, without informing me. ICS starts calling my cell, my parents house, 4-5 times a day. They do not state who they are calling for. They simply ask who they are speaking with and will not progress with the call if you do not tell them. Neither myself nor my parents were interested in playing along, so we always hung up. About a month later I get a letter from ICS stating that my bill has been turned to collections.


I called in and spoke to a rep and she stated that if I submit a letter stating that this charge is still in dispute they would send correspondence stating that my bill is pending. I do. Heard nothing for about a month, and then I get another letter demanding payment. At this point, i'm so sick of the situation, I was just going to pay the measly $70 and be done with it.


Well, ICS won't take my payment. I went online and put in my CC info and got a kickback telling me to call. I call, go through the automated system, put in my CC info and it hangs up on me. Sigh. I call again and route through to a human and while talking to her, she states that they will only accept check payment from me. She states that their system says that my credit card is over limit - ummm, I have several thousand available on this card so I know she's full of it. Finally, I'm so frustrated with her that I tell her forget it. I'll never pay. It can sit there and rot on my credit report. I have a 750 credit score - never had a late payment on anything in my life. I just bought my first house in April. I really don't care if this debt sits there, but I don't feel that it's fair and I have no idea where to go with this. Any suggestions on who I can/should contact??


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