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Re: 40 point jump!

I love hearing it. 


I checked mine today and it jumped 21 points so I'm doing a happy dance too. I'm new to this, I have a chapter 13 bankruptcy (in my 9th month of the 60 month plan). I'm hoping to start writing some goodwill letters to see if I can repair the damage (I have a huge student loan balance that had defaulted and was in garnishment along with 2 other judgements, multiple other things, my credit report is scary and I avoided it too long).  I'm hoping time will begin to heal.  I was planning to get a secured credit card through my credit union this fall to have an open line of credit (I have none). 


I'm thrilled that I have been sticking to a budget, paying everything on time and now have a small rainy day savings.  I'm plugging money away for a downpayment on a house at some point.  I spent way to long swirling around in a world of "unawareness"-not opening mail, leaving everything go, not balancing my checking account to the point of losing it and going bankless for about a year (living on check cashing places and money orders was not fun).

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