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HELP asap - PLEASE.... Hospital calling back regarding collections that arent mine
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I have several medical collections on my credit report and I was confused to why they were there.   It turns out they are my moms from her medical treatments.  They said I must have signed something saying I was responsible for her debt, which I dont remember ever doing.  If I did sign something its because it wasnt explained to me and I was sitting there watching my mom dying in the hospital. 

Well my mom is okay and can pay her own bills (thank god)


But for my credits sake, can I get out of this?  I was having a hard time figuring out why these medical bills kept coming up on my credit report and they are looking for the paper that I supposidly signed.  Iff they cant find it do they need to remove the collections from my reports?  She is supposed to call back here shortly!

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