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Re: 40 point jump!

madcitymomm wrote:

I love hearing it. 


I checked mine today and it jumped 21 points so I'm doing a happy dance too. I'm new to this, I have a chapter 13 bankruptcy (in my 9th month of the 60 month plan). I'm hoping to start writing some goodwill letters to see if I can repair the damage (I have a huge student loan balance that had defaulted and was in garnishment along with 2 other judgements, multiple other things, my credit report is scary and I avoided it too long).  I'm hoping time will begin to heal.  I was planning to get a secured credit card through my credit union this fall to have an open line of credit (I have none). 


I'm thrilled that I have been sticking to a budget, paying everything on time and now have a small rainy day savings.  I'm plugging money away for a downpayment on a house at some point.  I spent way to long swirling around in a world of "unawareness"-not opening mail, leaving everything go, not balancing my checking account to the point of losing it and going bankless for about a year (living on check cashing places and money orders was not fun).

Thanks! I was totally in the same spot you were about a year ago with scores in the 500's and now I'm hitting scores around 700. Biggest thing is time heals all wounds and best way to tackle the issues head on and I'm sure you'll be where I'm At in no time.