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Re: EOS CCA Contact Information Please

(My first post after lurking for a really long time Smiley Happy)


I would like the contact information as well, please.  I am newly married and helping my husband establish credit.  I pulled all 3 reports and EOS-CCA is reporting on behalf of AT&T for an account that is not my husband's (he has a current account with AT&T).  We disputed and the debt was "verified".  We responded that whatever verification process was used is incorrect, because he has a current account XXXXXXXX which is also reporting.  The second letter received no response.  In the meantime, he has placed a statement on his reports, but we want this removed, since it's not his account.


Thank you!


P.S.  This forum is wonderful!  I have a law degree with 25+ years of legal experience (not in credit-related law), but I always learn something new here, and am amazed at the assistance and results posted here!