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Got my letter from Amex re my Delta APR and it had my TU score listed (a little pissed it didn't have EX score but I'll call the CB Team at Amex on Monday and see if I can get). I was approved for 2k limit at 17.24% (their middle tier APR interest rate). My TU score listed 702!!!!! Hurray. The five negatives I have are: 1. Serious delinquency, 2. Proportion of loan balances to loan amounts too high (student loan), 3. Time since delinquency too recent (last late in March) 4. Too few accounts currently paid as agreed (don't get this one as every account on my CR is paid as agreed; and 5. Too many inquiries (had 2 before this pull).

Starting Score: EQ 551 TU 548 CK 607on 6/8/12, EX 542(AMEX pull 3/4/12)
Current Score: EQ 710 TU 727 EX 704 CK 719(FAKO-EX 697, EQ 697, TU 697)
Goal Score: 750

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