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I seem to have hit a wall...advice perhaps?

I have made some headway - TU 480 to 621 in a few months. Although my EX and EQ reports are stuck at 570-590. My reports are identical, I am assuming scoring criteria are different.


Anywho, does potentially negative entries hurt my score? These are collections I have paid before I knew about any of the awesome information you guys have taught me. I have 2-4 of those.


My only two baddies are a VZW collection which I intend to PIF and my USDOE loans. Funny thing is, it says I owe $5067 when only $2625 was dispersed, or that's what it says when I plug my SSN into the student loan site. I have not had any luck trying to get the balance corrected.


I have the following positive tradelines:


Santander - Auto Loan, 8 months no lates

Sears - Authorized user, 4+ years no lates

Wells Fargo Secured Card, 6 months, no lates

Capital One Secured Card 6 months, no lates


I thought I might be able to get a Barclays card (Apple) but was declined on the recon for 4-6 late payments on a closed lease back in 2009. I was also denied a Wal-Mart card with no real reason, other than not enough recent revolving history.


Shall I let time heal all wounds and not worry about applying for anything?


Is there anything I can do to push forward, and maybe raise my scores?


Just curious.






February 2012: 480 across the board (before I found this site and started working on my scores)
Starting Scores: TU FAKO: 543 (06/16/2012) EX FAKO: 547 (06/16/2012) EQ FAKO: 528 (06/16/2012)
Current Scores:TU FICO: 639 (11/20/2012) EQ FICO: 617 (11/20/2012)
TU FAKO: 606 (8/30/2012) EX FAKO: 574 (09/04/2012) EQ FAKO: 564 (09/30/2012)