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Re: I seem to have hit a wall...advice perhaps?

Thanks for the reply and info, Shogun.


Yes, I have tried PFD and the only response was a proposed settlement of 50% and it being marked "paid" on my reports. I sent a counter offer of paying in full in agreement for deletion and have not received a reply.


I'm sure there is interest bringing the student loan amount up, however I doubt (and hope) it would almost double the amount. I was rehabbing the loan but the company taking care of the payments went  under and stopped taking their money (that's been over 3 years ago). I have made little progress in finding someone to help me. It seems that every number I call, someone says I have to speak to someone else, and so on. At this point I just want to pay it, even though I know it won't be deleted. I guess I need to find that one person that wants to take my money. LOL

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