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Re: I seem to have hit a wall...advice perhaps?

Okay....You need to do a few different things.


The collections and student loan are killing your scores! With a little bit of work you could have most of these negatives cleaned up in a few months.


If you decide to wait, the collections will stay on your report for 7 years from the time of first default. The student loan will stay on your report FOREVER!
 You need to work on getting all these negatives off your report.


You need to write GW (Good Will) letters to the lenders for any of your collections that have already been paid. A paid collection is just as bad as an unpaid collection when it comes to your FICO score. You need these off your report.


You need to write PFD (Pay for Delete) letters to the lenders that have unpaid collections. You have leverage with these lenders, they want your money, you want deletion.


Your student loans will not age off your report. You need to rehab this loan and start making payments. At some point they may agree to remove the lates on this loan.


This forum has many resources on how to do all this. It comes down to reading, reading and reading some more. We are always here to answer your questions whenever the need arises.


You can do this! It is really not that difficult!


Good luck!

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