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Re: I seem to have hit a wall...advice perhaps?
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Thanks for the advice.


I've done all that.


Did PFDs for most of my collections, so they're gone. Only 2 unpaid that remain are a VZW collection, which I plan to PIF and my federal student loan.


I have one paid collection left with Midland, and they refuse to remove it. I have consulted legal counsel and am preparing to sue them for other violations.


I have paid state student loans that went to collections, then I paid them. They won't budge with a GW either. Tried that several times.


Lastly I have an auto lease from TD Auto Finance showing 8 months of 30 day lates and a GW letter from them saying they have corrected the mistake. They asked for 60 days to update. That was about a month ago.


Other than that, I have 2-3 other auto loans that are 3+ years old, with a couple of 30 day lates each.


I know about GWs, PFDs - as this site and it's community are a wonderful resource. I've been doing this awhile.

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